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Bilberry and Cowberry

It's all about the berries! When Karin & Peter bought the cabin, they wanted to give the place a name easy to remember. The story is that it got it's name inspired from the wild nordic berries growing naturally in the forest around the cabin - almost at the doorstep. The dark blue Nordic Blueberries and the bright red Lingonberries became the theme of the cabin.

The berry theme also has a another connection to forest stories, with inspiration by the Swedish children book writer Elsa Beskow and her loved book 'Peter in Blueberry land' a very popular fairytale about the Blueberry boys and Lingonberry girls that the small boy Peter meets in the forest. You will find the book in original language (Swedish title 'Putte i Blåbärsskogen') in the cabin but you can also buy the English version of the book here.


You will notice a lot of collected berry themed items in The Berrystay cabin. We haven't even count how many red and blue things there are... But if you do, please let us know. After a while you will notice that you also will start looking for berry themed red and blue things. At that point there is no cure - you have become 'berryfied'. :-)


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