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Guests must agree on following our housing rules before renting.

- Smoking in the cabin is strictly forbidden. Not even outside near the cabin.
- Beds, duvets and pillows are not allowed to use without bed linen. 
- Bed linen can be rented for 25 Euro per person incl towels. 
- Sleeping bags or pillows etc that have been used in other beds are not allowed to use in the beds.
- Cabin is only ok to use for max 8 guests with no extra beds except for 1 infant in baby bed. 
- No parties or drunken behaviour that would increase the risc of crashing things. 
- Pets are not allowed in our cabin due to allergy reasons.
- Do not leave candles unattended and don't place them on the fire stove shelf that gets very hot. 
- Please don’t use living candles at all if you let them burn down and ruin the candle holders.
- There is a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket on the left side of the stove. 
- Guests are allowed to use picnic gear, thermoses, fondue set, raclette and waffle maker stored in entrance cup board, only if all returned back clean and in the same order as found. Thank you!
Use the plastic placemats under to protect the kitchen table from the heat.
- Guests may use coffee, tea, hot chocolate powder, salt, sugar and other food groceries in the kitchen cabinets, but please buy and fill up for next guests if completely using all of it.
- Cabin contains some fragile objects for decorations not made for children to play with. There are sturdy toys in the two baskets upstairs to use instead.
- At least 2 toilet paper rolls in each toilet and 1 kitchen roll are included, buy the rest that you need at the supermarket.

- Guests should leave the cabin tidy and with things in the same order as found. 
- Furniture should be put in the same position as when guests arrived. 
- If you move away decorations or other objects please put them back again.
- Garbage and rubbish bins in toilets and under kitchen zink should be emptied and placed in the outside bins in the middle of the yard. There are recycle bins at the supermarket.
- Empty the fire stove of ashes if you have used it, use the red shovel.
- None of guests fresh food should be left in the fridge or freezer.
- All kitchen utilities, plates, cutlery, glasses and cups etc used should be washed up and put back in kitchen cabinets. The dishwasher should be emptied before guests leave.
- Rented bed linen should be removed from all beds and put on the bathroom floor together with towels. 
- All windows and ventilation shutter should be closed. Blinds should be put down on all windows.
- Door locked and key left in locked key code box, extra key (with berries) should be left in the wall pocket to the right in the entrance or on the fire stove shelf. 

- If guests would leave the cabin in a total mess and not following our house rules and before leaving instructions we will charge 100 Euro extra for cleaning. 
- If guests let more than 8 people sleep in the cabin we will charge 100 Euro extra per night.
- Guests pay for any damaged items caused by them selves.

The Berrystay Birdsnest
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