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The Berrystay Worlds largest reindeer is in Ylläs outside Jounin Kaupa supermarket

In Äkäslompolo village you will find most of the service you will need for your holiday. To most services there are walking distance from the cabin in 350-1000 m.​ During winter season there is also ski bus service around the villages.

If you have found Robin, the largest reindeer in the world (see above) most - but not all - of the services are concentraded around this place. You will find information about all services provided on Visit Ylläs official web site so take a first look there:

  • Supermarket Jounin Kauppa K-Market (large and well sorted) open every day until 7 or 8 pm.

  • Several restaurants and cafés, but not all of them are open all year round so check. 

  • Cross country ski cafées in the wilderness, there are several, check if there open before you go.

  • Alko 'the bottle shop', that sells wine and alcohol stronger than 5%.

  • MediYlläs, doctor service and pharmacy 'Ylläksen Aptekki'.

  • Cash machine 'Otto' outside Jounin Kauppa K-Market.

  • Children service, babysitting.

  • Yllästunturi Visitor centre Kellokas, tourist office and entrance to Pallas-Ylläs National park. Also host cinema and nature-culture exibitions. Ca 3 km from village center towards Ylläs fell.

  • Ski bus service, nearest stop is at Ylläskaltio hotel, ca 350 m from cabin.

  • Transfer service, airport bus, taxi and train.

  • Ylläs Avain is a local hosting service and you buy luggage storage service there.

  • Rental shops, 3 sport shops in village: Team Sportia, Äkäslompolo sport in the village and Head rent (at the Ylläs Ski Y1 ski lifts). Some of the activity companies also rent gear.

  • Souvenir and gift shops as Wood Jewel, Mailan putikki, Seita shop, Lumi-Mari (Marimekko) etc.


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