There are so many things to do in Ylläs so we don't know where to start...

If you are an 'outdoor and nature' person you will like it here. There are several activity companies in Äkäslompolo village arranging day tours, all in walking distance from the cabin and also rent out gear and warm winter clothes. Also some sport shops that rent out gear as skis, snowshoes, kicksleds etc. 

We strongly recommend to take a look at Visit Ylläs official web page for more information about services, restaurants, activities, rentals, day tours etc:



Winter & Spring, snow season:

Summer & Autumn, NO snow season:

  • Hiking, trail maps on Yllä or

  • Biking different types incl e-fatbikes, rentals (several supliers)

  • MTB downhill bike park

  • Trailrunning

  • Kayaking and canoeing, rentals or with guide we recommend Sisu Outdoor or any of the other sport shops in Äkäslompolo village. 

  • River rafting in Muonio river

  • For salmon or flyfishing in nearby Muonio river (50 km) with professional JL Guiding or Torneå river near Kolari with Kylämää or with guides at Kengis Bruk near Pajala (60 km) or check tours in Ylläs area. Or on your own buy permission and  Erä

  • Horse riding 

  • Animals at mini zoo Konijänkä

  • Roller skis, rentals from Team Sportia

  • Midnight sun (from mid May to mid July)

  • Berry and mushroom picking (from August to September)

  • Aurora Borealis Northern Lights watching (from late August)

  • Disc golf both in Äkäslompolo (ca 200 m from cabin) or in Ylläsjärvi near Gondola lift.


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The Berrystay
Cosy log cabin in Ylläs Lapland Finland 


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