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How to book activities around Äkäslompolo and Ylläs area

If you are an 'outdoor and nature' person you will like it here. There are several activity companies in Äkäslompolo village arranging day tours, all in walking distance from the cabin and also several shops that rent out gear and warm winter clothes, down hill or cross country skis, snowshoes, kicksleds etc. 

We recommend to take a look at Visit Ylläs official web page for more information about services, restaurants, activities, rentals, day tours etc:


Many of the tour companies arrange with pick up services to husky and reindeer or husky farms. But it's also possible to book directly with them and book a taxi to go there. During peak season as Christmas, New Year and mid February book tours as soon as possible since it can fill up quickly. 


Winter & Snow season: (November to April)

Santa Claus experiences:


All year round:

  • Do what all the local finns do! Have picnic in a wooden kota in the woods, there are several nice all year round open kota huts with fire place and free fire woods. The name of the huts are: Tuomikuru, Tahkokuru, Tunturijärvi, Vaarkankuru and Äkässaivio wooden kotas, and there are all located along the summer or winter trails.

    See our map here look for the heart symbols. Bring some picnic and some sausages to grill over open fire. Most of the kota huts have a nearby
    outdoor toilet. Another map of the PallasYlläs nationalpark you will find here.

  • Biking different types incl e-fatbikes, rentals we recommend Sisu Outdoor (there are several supliers).

  • Horse riding with Icelandic horses at Ylläksen Vaellushevoset or at Konijänka or at Dacabe.

  • Animals and farm visit at Konijänkä.

Summer & Autumn: (June to October)

  • Hiking, Ylläs have an extensive trail system, buy printed map on the supermarket or see digital version on Yllä or 

  • MTB downhill bike park is located on south side of the fell (Ylläsjärvi) near the gondola lift. 

  • Trailrunning, check out the PallasYlläs Nuts event.

  • Kayaking and canoeing, rentals or with guide we recommend Sisu Outdoor or any of the other sport shops in Äkäslompolo village or Ylläs Experience

  • River rafting in Muonio river.

  • For salmon or flyfishing in nearby Muonio river (50 km) with professional JL Guiding or Torneå river near Kolari with Kylämää or with guides at Kengis Bruk near Pajala (60 km) or check tours in Ylläs area. Or on your own buy permission and  Erä

  • Roller skis, rentals from Team Sportia

  • Midnight sun (from mid May to mid July), Kuer or Kesänki hill is good places. No guide needed.

  • Berry and mushroom picking (from August to September)

  • Aurora Borealis Northern Lights watching (from Aug-Sep)

  • Disc golf both in Äkäslompolo (ca 200 m from cabin) or in Ylläsjärvi near Gondola lift.


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