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The Berrystay Biking on a mire in Ylläs

Our cabin is located ca 150 km north of the Arctic Circle in Äkäslompolo, the northern village of Ylläs fell in Kolari municipality, Lapland Finland. Our part of the village is called Kaulavaara, located ca 350 m from Ylläskaltio hotel. 


How to travel to Äkäslompolo - Ylläs

Nearest airport is Kittilä airport ca 55 km, 40 min. During winter season there are airport bus transfers, other seasons airport bus need prebooking. For summer/autumn season we recomend hire a car from Kittilä or even Rovaniemi airport. For more information about taxi and transfer service see these links:

Taxi service

Airport & airport bus
Preebook this via links below.

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