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This is some instructions how to use things in our cabin:

To know how to start the sauna might perhaps be the most important thing in a Finnish cabin. This is how you do it.

  1. Under the stove in the sauna turn the right handle to turn ON the stove. You could also set timer function to start in 1-4 hours.

  2. The left handle is temperature regulation.

  3. After the stove have get warm you can also through a scoop of water on it so it reaches the set temperature.

  4. You can control that the sauna stove is on by checking the floor heating termostat on the wall to the right of the door to the bathroom. The green light should be off when sauna stove is ON. When sauna stove is OFF the green light will be seen again.









This is how you will start the dishwasher and let the machine do the work for you. Please do not put any wooden or nature material utensils in the dishwasher, for them we kindly ask you to dish them by hand. Your hands will be very clean!

  1. Check that the small handle under the the tap is set to the left to put on water to the dishwasher. 

  2. Select program, push in the program button expand it and change. Use 65 degrees mixed program for a full machine with pans.

  3. Start program with the power button down to the left. 65 degrees mixed program takes ca 80 min.




If your clothes get dirty. This is how you use our washing machine. Note that it only takes 1-3 kg textile per wash. 

  1. Check that the small handle under the the tap is set to the left to put on water to the washing machine. 

  2. Turn on the power on the button to the right - Virtakytkin.

  3. Select program and temperature.
    Pikapesu = Small wash, Villapesu = wool wash, Hienopesu = Gentle wash, Käsinpesu = Hand wash, Normaaalipesu = Normal wash, Huuhtelu = Rinse, Linkous = centrifugation, Synteettiset = Syntetic textile. 

  4. Open the lid and fill with detergent. 

  5. Start the washing  machine with turn on start button - Käynnistys. 






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