It's not only our selves, friends and our rental guests that stays in The Berrystay, there are some other residentials in the cabin too. Say hello to...

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Åke The Berrypicker
Åke The Berrypicker is named after one of the owners father - no longer with us. He likes to go out in the forest picking berries only in his birch bark underwear.
The Pine Cone People
The small and friendly Pine Cone People lives in the forest but when it's to cold they move in to our cabin.
Silvia The Ptarmigan
Silvia is named after the royal Queen of Sweden. She feels a little bit lonely, waiting for her love Carl-Gustaf to move in.
Inge Glid The Skier
This is Inge Glid! (Litterary means ’no glide’). He is an optimistic Swedish cross country skiier that is the eternal runner up always behind the Finns or the Norwegian skiiers. But he is happy anyway!
Hubert & Rudolf
Meet our two domestic and tamed reindeers. They love berries so much so their noses has turned red and blue. Their wild friends are running around the village all the time.
The Tonttula family
The Blue and Red Tonttula family only lives in the cabin at Christmas time. They have a reindeer too.
Sixten Blixten The Slug
Meet the slug Sixten Blixten (blixten means 'lightning' in Swedish). He thinks it's important to take things SLOWLY in life and not rush it. Many of us need to learn from him.
Carl XVI Gustaf
This is Carl XVI Gustaf (named after the Swedish Royal King). He is in love with Silvia the more good looking of the two love birds.
Seppo The Sauna Spirit
Seppo is the stone faced guy that lives in our sauna stove. Every home in Finland has a sauna and it also has it's spirit. Say hello to Seppo and give him some water.
Mr Masalo
The One Eyed Troll that is lurking around our cabin. Is he dangerous? We don't know! So you better keep your distance. And don't touch him or let him in.
Nils & Hilda
This is our little skier couple. Always waiting for the first snow. Even in summer.
He is a man sitting on a stump. And if he fells down there is no more than that.
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P.S If you see a place like this out in the forest, it could be the summer cabin for small creatures as The Pine Cone People or The Tonttula family.

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The Berrystay
Cosy log cabin in Ylläs Lapland Finland 


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© Photos: Karin Åberg - The Berrystay

The Tonttula family

The Blue and Red Tonttula family only lives in the cabin at Christmas time. They have a reindeer too.